Petropolitan is happy to offer a solution to leaving your dog home alone. Socializing with the dogs and staff, and challenging themselves on the doggie playgrounds at Petropolitan will give your dog an opportunity to get exercise, learn proper social skills and gain confidence. This will result in a happier and healthier dog, allowing them to direct their energy toward good behaviors. We offer supervised mental and physical stimulation.

Our day boarding dogs, who enjoy socializing, are offered playgroups based on factors such as size, temperament and energy levels. We will work with dogs, ensuring they are learning and growing during their stay. One-on-one interactive activities with staff are offered for less social pets. We will work with your dog, helping them learn how to ‘play nice’. Many dogs who don’t do well around other dogs in their homes or near their families can play at Petropolitan without trouble. Let us give it a shot. Feel free to call anytime to check in on your dog. We will let you know how he or she is doing. If your dog is not ready for group play, we can keep them exercised and mentally stimulated during their stay.

The environment at Petropolitan allows you to expect consistent and routine structures for your pets. You will be happy to pick up a well exercised, well socialized dog at the end of the day!